About Patrick J. Murphy

Chief Persuasion Officer, Patrick J. Murphy,
is a strategic communications expert who helps clients develop and deliver presentations based on the long term goals of the company.

Guiding executives through this process, Murphy develops personalized presentation training courses that enable clients to communicate effectively in all media.

Murphy honed his craft as former president and creative director of Patrick Murphy Advertising Inc, a product launch agency in San Diego, CA.

He and his team acted as strategic partners to global clients, including HP, for more than 3 decades.

The firm provided the planning, strategy, and presentations for more than 30 successful new product introductions. They were responsible for selling more than a billion dollars worth of financial, medical, software and hardware products throughout the world.

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New Product Launches Include:

• HP All-in-One Printers

• Microsoft CE Embedded Systems for PDAs

• WIFI standard

• Genius — Tympanic (ear) Thermometers (Clinical)

• Nex-Temp Precision Thermometers (Clinical & Retail)

• Internet Resource Manager - internet control system

• Live Tour — interactive internet home show program

• AcuCOBOL — First Portable Cobol Software

TEST - First nondistructive carbon-fiber testing

• First Automatic Teller Machines

• First ATM Network



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